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Plant Area

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Manufacturing production area is 66000 square meter, office building is 16000 square meter, the land area is 304000 square meter, located in :

Esfahan Steel plant
Oshtorjan Industrial Zone
Baba Sheikh Ali

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Human Resources

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Utilizing a combination of 1700 experienced and educated staffs in marketing & sales, design, engineering, manufacturing, repair & maintenance, procurement, quality assurance, financial, planning & technology, research & education, information technology etc. departments.

2. Sub-Contractors :

a) Local

b) Foreign

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Customer Satisfaction
Continuous improvement of processes, products and services
Expanding national market and entering into international market
Industry innovation & advancement
Personnel and Share-holder satisfaction


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Merat Poolad Engineering Co. was established in 1970 in Esfahan Steel Plant and privatized in 1996.This company is one of powerful affiliated companies of Takado Group as holding. Merat Poolad Engineering Co. has joint venture with well known local and international producers and manufacturers.

The main activities of this company are in the below fields:
1- Execution of EPC projects
2- Consultancy, designing, planning and production of mechanical parts and equipments needed for            projects.
3- Designing, manufacturing and production of alloy steel casting parts, pig iron and non-ferrous metals for turn-key projects.
4- Designing, manufacturing and production of steel structure parts and forged parts for plants.
5- Heat treatment and machining of mechanical parts and equipments of projects.
6- Maintenance and repair of mechanical equipments for steel industries, mines, oil & gas, petrochemical, cement plants etc.
7- Installation and commissioning of production lines.
8- Assemble and disassemble of equipments of production lines for reconstruction and renovation.