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Teens and Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure plays a pivotal role in a person’s mental health; it can force them to do something which can be either less harmful or have more serious consequences. Giving in can have minor consequences, like dressing a certain way, or more serious ones, like unsafe substance use at the time of how to tackle peer pressure. Positive peer pressure manifests through peers motivating each other towards helpful, healthy choices. For instance, friends might encourage each other to study hard, avoid substances, stick up to bullies, or give back through community service. The end goal is to reinforce constructive behaviours while avoiding peer pressure.

Set Boundaries

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Knowing the facts can help you to resist pressures based on the idea that “everyone is doing it” and that you must party to fit in. Identify friends who share the same values as you have and agree to stick together when out socially. Having an ally who can intervene when you’re clearly uncomfortable builds motivation to leave tempting situations properly. Providing backup and supporting each other is a proper system which you can carry out with your buddy. Peer pressure can be challenging to resist, but there are effective methods and techniques you can use to stand firm in your values and choices while dealing with peer pressure.

Peer Pressure Beyond Childhood

At this age, research suggests, group dynamics begin to form among children, and some may be excluded from the larger group. Children may begin to worry about balancing a sense of loyalty to their friends with compassion and fairness to others. For example, ask yourself – do certain friends bring out my best self? You can experience peer pressure from people without them saying anything to you, and you can experience it from direct remarks made by others. Gender can affect how these pressures are internalized and expressed. For example, of the 29% of teens who responded they felt peer pressure to look “good,” girls were more likely than boys to say they feel a lot of pressure to look good (35% vs. 23%).

Examples of Positive Peer Pressure

what is peer pressure and how to deal with it

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How do I talk to my child about peer pressure?

All About You: Curb the negative power of peer pressure – Safety+Health Magazine

All About You: Curb the negative power of peer pressure.

Posted: Sun, 27 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

At Centerstone, our team of compassionate professionals is here to provide a full continuum of mental health services for people of all ages, from children to seniors and everyone in between. “Children tend to give in to peer pressure for a couple of different reasons. One might be they don’t have a lot of relationships or friendships, and they fear the risk of losing them.

what is peer pressure and how to deal with it

As youth explore independence and identity, peer validation grows more important. Simultaneously, the brain’s impulse control centre is still developing. This combination can make it quite which of the following is a type of indirect peer pressure? challenging to resist on how to tackle peer pressure and you may need some coping skills for the same. Peer pressure can lead a person to engage in sexual activity before they are ready.

People who don’t feel pushed into something may have a harder time finding an opportunity to refuse. Even if you work hard to fight it, you may find yourself giving in to pressure from friends or classmates. You might go along with just about anything to avoid being labeled a “loser” or “scared-y cat.” Those names may be no fun, but giving in to peer pressure means turning away from your own identity in favor of someone else’s. Learn how to resist peer pressure and live according to your own values.

How to Deal with Negative Peer Pressure

Yet, when we perceive that we are different from others, we sometimes feel that we are the misfit. This is especially salient for youths, as they explore their self-identity and seek a sense of belonging with their peers. When we feel that we do not fit in, we may consequently find ourselves avoiding social situations. Turn to parents or guardians for backup while dealing with peer pressure situations that feel beyond your coping skills. An outside adult perspective can help decode complex social dynamics you feel confused or hurt by.

Ultimately, there are various effective strategies for handling the peer pressure that most teens experience. Having self-confidence and conviction in your own decisions is key – being able to firmly yet politely refuse activities you are uncomfortable with. With the right mindset and support network, you can become more empowered to tackle any peer interactions that attempt to compromise your values and boundaries. With indirect peer pressure, no one is singling you out, but the environment you’re in may influence you to do something. If you’re at a party where everyone is drinking, for instance, you might feel pressured to drink even if no one asks you to. “Teens have so much on their plates,” says Stacie Goran, LPC, LCDC, Teen Recovery Program Manager at Children’s Health℠.

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