Manufactured and Produced Parts

Some Manufactured and Produced Parts
Complete gear boxes of ladle carriers of 130 MT. for Esfahan Steel Company.
Skimming machine of ESCO’s blast furnace, sintering plant  pallet of ductile cast iron (for the first time in the country)
Second generation of cooling plates  for blast furnace (ferrite ductile cast iron).
Dual chamber tuyers of blast furnace (last generation in global industry).
Gear and Gear box for Sepahan Cement plant.
Varieties of mechanical parts and equipments for Mobarakeh, Ahvaz, Neishabour, Maybod,  Zagros steel and Esfahan Steel Complexes.
Liners for crushers for Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co, Golgohar Iron Ore Co, Bafgh Mining Co and  Pouya Zarkan Takab Mining and Mineral Processing Company.
Variety of shafts, rollers and rings for Sepahan Cement Co., Doroud Cement Co., Soufian Cement Co. etc.