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Technology & Planning Unit

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The process of manufacturing and repairing parts and mechanisms is determine in technology and planning section of Merat poolad Eng.Co. and also preparing of mounthly plan of workshop for execution of orders.

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Projects and Activities

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Typical Projects and Activities

Basic repair (Grade 1) of blast furnace No. 1 in Esfahan Steel plant.
Manufacturing and installation of charging devices of blast furnaces in Esfahan Steel Company, ESCO Maybod and Zagros Steel Mill.
Manufacturing part of mechanical equipments of machine No.2 for continuous casting of  Mobarakeh Steel Complex  (1000 Ton)   .
Maintenance and repair of sintering plant  (for 2 years) in Mobrakeh Steel Complex.
Manufacturing and installation of steel structure of slab stock of unit 51 in Mobrakeh Steel Complex.
Maintenance and repair of Khozestan Steel  continuous casting machines  for 3 years.
Manufacturing sintering plant pallets of ESCO’s Tavazon project.
Manufacturing pipe racks of Siri NGL and steel structure of Abadan Oil Refinery plant.
Manufacturing different types of crane wheels (casted / forged).
Manufacturing anodizing furnaces flange and cover for National Copper Industries.

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Steel structure & Forging

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Steel structure & Forging Shop
Steel structure  shop for manufacturing technological steel structure and replacable  equipments such as:
Lifting devices, heat converter,pressure vessel, warm rivets, stainless steel equipments.
Forge shop for making forgings , repair purposes and blanks for tools ,forging various  parts according to standard of customer order.



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Repair & Maintenance

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Repair & Maintenance Unit
Installation and commissioning of large industrial projects including:
Technical inspection and supervision
Planning and execution of basic and routine projects
Renovating and optimizing production lines equipments especially in steel industry
Maintenance of industrial machines and equipments
Installation and commissioning of mechanical equipments and metal structures.
Technology and Planning of Repair and maintenance.

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